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Fabricated P-Trap, HDPE x CS MIP Transition

Made to Length

SDR 11, SDR 7, SDR 9 and SDR 17


Grooved, Threaded, Weld-end, Flange
Carbon, Stainless, Brass, PVC

Fabricated Reducer (HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated HDPE Pipe with Threaded End Caps

Fabricated Tee with Reducer Outlet (HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated Chemical Solution Handling Tank (HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated 90 Degree Long Sweep

(HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated Cross with Flange Adapters

(HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated Thermal Manifolds

(HDPE Fittings)

Fabricated Threaded Nuts and Wrench

Fabricated Manifold

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